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Troat – A Free Block Font (WIP)

Troat Beta

Troat is still in early development, and created mostly out of experimentation and the fun of creating another font. A colleague was the originator of the design for its minimalist block style.


The structure is perfect for large in your face designs, and as an accent to a design versus a font intended to be read easily. There are four variants of Troat. Lowercase characters as an outline style, and uppercase as filled of both a heavy block style and a more legible style.

Try Troat

Troat is far from complete, but I figured this would be a great time to see what some people think. Currently it consists of only A-Z. We are going through the process of designing numbers and symbols that would fit the current style of Troat, while being discernable from the rest of the characters.

Please do not redistribute until we create the final version.