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Open Command Prompt (in current directory) with Sublime Text

I recently, perhaps behind the curve, switched from using a desktop application for working with SASS, JS, and Images in projects. Applications such as CodeKit, PrePros, and Koala (as great as they are) all have their issues. The main issue being the stability of applications themselves versus command line.

Applications overtook command line years ago because they were easier for the average user. While this is great, a web developer isn’t the average user and should not be limiting themselves to only desktop applications. Especially when there is a more reliable and quite frankly better in every way alternative. But I digress, this post is not about applications, it is about making working with Grunt just a little bit easier while within Sublime Text.

When working with Grunt, you need to get it running for each project when you start working on it. There are alternatives to this, such as Grunt Hub, but we won’t get into that. This little package for ST will add a menu item within the right-click menu labelled “cmd” or “Cmd” that will open a command prompt window at the current files directory. It does not work in the sidebar, but in the actual editor pane.

To install just drop the “Cmd” folder into your packages directory and restart ST.

This makes it a tad easier to get Grunt running. Simply view a file in the rood directory of your project in ST, right-click and click “cmd”. That’s it, now you can run Grunt!

Note: If you are using Sublime Text 2, you need to rename the folder to “cmd” instead of “Cmd”.


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    Thank you for your awsome solution !