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Most Useful Web Design Tips for 2013

As Inspired by SharePoint Dragons’ “Design Practices for the French Online Poker Market” .

imagesIf you are someone from a creative industry, what you learned in the field 10 years ago may not be applicable anymore. Among an array of industries, the creative sector is probably the one that has been most severely affected by the surge of internet users and multitude of websites available. The landscape of online business before has been very much different as compared to today’s market. From the target market to social media use, overall visual appearance and user interface, the rules of creating a website have become much more complex than before.

On this blog, get to know the most useful web design tips for 2013. This blog will use SharePoint Dragons’ “Design Practices for the French Online Poker Market” as a reference. Using online poker is probably the most logical thing to do when analyzing the trends in web development. This is due to the fact that poker is among the fastest growing games today. It is big in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and some American states in terms of total gaming population and monthly active users. Some websites have introduced real-money games while others create blog sites or fan pages with tips, tricks, promos, and profiles of several poker pros as the bulk of content. It is also worth noting that poker-related website are trending because of their appealing designs and not only due to their loyal audiences.

Create a responsive web design

There are many ways players can access their online poker accounts. They can access their accounts via their laptops, smartphones, and even tablets. With this at hand, web designers must ensure that their websites are compatible with different devices to ensure wider audience reach. The page must be responsive to different screen sizes and orientations.

Make your website visually appealing

SharePoint Dragons said that since the business is gaming orientated, the icons and texts should also symbolize action and fun. In France, most online poker and casino portals use images of footballers from the French Ligue 1, the Eiffel Tower, or French cuisines to attract players. Using this strategy not only makes each game look fun but also brings the website closer to the heart of French players.

Make it look like the real deal

In online poker, the site that gets the most traffic is the one that uses 3D elements or derives their interface from professional poker events. If you look closely, top gaming operator partypoker sports an appearance that is largely inspired by the professional World Poker Tour tournament. Websites like PartyPoker make visitors feel like they are in a real professional poker match. Giving your page a professional look will give it solid credibility.

Emphasize the use of social media icons

Social media sites will be your page’s main ticket to worldwide fame. Having icons of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other similar sites will give visitors the chance to review your site and spread the word about its quality products and services. In France, most website owners use Facebook since it is the country’s most used social networking site. Others also use Skyrock, Twitter, Viadeo, and Trombi.

Content is still the king

While every other element in web development is being revolutionized, one thing remains unchanged: Content is still the king. There’s no way you can compel visitors to drop by your website if it has a poor products or services.