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Magnific Popup WordPress Plugin (unofficial)

Magnific Popup in WordPress

Updating to v2.0.0 will wipe our previously entered custom styles. But gained is control over what elements Magnific Popup is applied to. Great for limiting it to single posts and pages or within specific elements.

In a previous, and highly popular article, I went through (with the help of many others) how to implement Magnific Popup into your WordPress install while awaiting the official plugin. Dmitry Semenov is a very busy guy, understandably, so there has been no official plugin released. And while Magnific Popup is awesome, it is a pain in the ass for the average person to get up and running in WordPress.

So this is my unofficial Magnific Popup WordPress Plugin making Magnific easy to get up and running. I am not submitting it to the WordPress Plugin Directory as it isn’t official, but rest assured it will be updated from time-to-time as the need arises. Your best bet when using this plugin is to also install the Github Updater, so you automatically receive updates for plugins not hosted on

Installing the Magnific Popup WordPress Plugin

Upload via FTP or install via the Plugins page and activate. Under Settings>WP Magnific you can add custom CSS to override the defaults.



  • Support for custom classes and ID’s of which children elements will be targeted by WP-Magnific.
  • Major retooling, which will wipe out previous custom styles.


  • Created admin page and added support for custom styles to override Magnific Popup defaults.


  • Initial commit and release.


  • Mike Novosad

    Thanks for this plugin, its works perfectly. In my site I use woocommerce plugin, if there any way to make it works like gallery on product page?