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Collapse Pages in the WordPress Menu Builder – Expandler Plugin


While working on a client site I ran into a usability problem with what was otherwise a relatively simple WordPress installation. The “blog” needed to have the same menu structure as their primary site, but be easily updated. I could have gone through the hassle of pulling the menu structure from their primary site via XML or HTML and then spit it out that way. But I really didn’t want to mess with it, and I had already had a bit of frustration with WordPress and the lack of functionality when it cam to building multi-level menus.

I needed multiple levels of course, with each immediate child level consisting of at least 10 pages. But after more than one level, things get a little complicated when it comes to viewing, adding/removing, or editing the menu structure. I searched for a plugin, but didn’t find anything that did what I wanted it to do, without a bunch of other features that weren’t needed. So I threw together a plugin to take care of it myself. It is really archaic, and lacks some features, but for the time being, it does exactly what I need it to do and provides a easier way to navigate complex menu structures in the WordPress menu builder. After installation, it makes it easy to collapse pages in the WordPress menu builder.



Upload via the WP plugins page or into wp-content>plugins via FTP and activate.



  • Added support for two levels.


  • Initial commit and release. Allows expansion of second level menu items only.


  • wasseng

    Thanks AJ! This was exactlly what I was looking for!! You just saved me allot of hazzel :)

  • Ken Moody

    Outstanding. This was such a huge help. How is this still not a standard feature in the core? Thank you…