Insight & Insanity

web development with a dash of life


I am AJ Troxell.

I have been a graphic designer and web developer for 12 years, and a part-time family comedian for my entire life. If it weren’t for the internet, I would be on a stage making a fool of myself for a laugh or two. I am currently work at LRS Web Solutions as a web developer.

The last 4 years my primary focus has been front-end development. I greatly enjoy the challenge of taking a design and making it functional, light-weight, and responsive. It is constantly an awe-inspiring thing to see how much the web has changed, where it is going, what is, and will be possible in the future. The biggest challenge is keeping up with it! When i’m not hard at work, I am researching, experimenting, and furthering my skill set in order the be the best front-end developer that I can. is my little part of this massive living organism we call the web, where I can carry out experiments, have a few laughs, and share my general inexperiences in everything that I enjoy. Feel free to insult my lack of skill at any time. Your comment will be promptly deleted and then a threatening email sent to you via an anonymous email address and random IP.

View my portfolio here.